Founder and Creative Director

New York Native and purebred entrepreneur, Joey Wolffer created the Styleliner in June 0f 2009.  Prior to the Styleliner, Wolffer began her career as a jewelry designer for Meems LTD, providing accessories for several High Street stores in the UK and later became a jewelry designer for Nine West as well as Trend Director for all of Jones Apparel Group. Wanting to take her career to the next level, but not wanting to open a conventional boutique, Joey became a pioneer in the world of mobile accessories. Following in the footsteps of her maternal great-great-grandfather who started one of today’s leading retailers in the UK, Marks and Spencer and her father whose legacy remains in Wolffer Estate vineyard and stable on the South Shore of Long Island, Joey is proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Joey travels the world finding limited-edition pieces that she then curates aboard the Styleliner, creating a unique shopping experience.  While Joey loves a good globetrot, her favorite days are still spent riding her horse and laughing at her Jack Russell/Chihuahua, Chili P with her husband Max.