Joey Wolffer

Joey Wolffer

Today you can find Joey at the helm, or rather at the wheel, of The StyleLiner - a luxurious mobile style gallery offering limited pieces of extraordinary accessories. By completely refurbishing a twenty-foot potato chip truck from which she offers her worldly accessories, Joey Wolffer has created a unique mobile shopping experience like no other. She travels the world to carefully curate limited-edition pieces that you will not find in your typical store.

Starting her career as a jewelry designer for Meems LTD, providing accessories for several High Street stores in the UK, Joey later became a Jewelry Designer for Nine West as well as Trend Director for all of Jones Apparel Group. Wanting to take her career to the next level, but not wanting to open your typical conventional boutique, Joey channeled her love of fashion into this entrepreneurial endeavor. A purebred entrepreneur with a family lineage as illustrious as the person herself, 29-year-old Joey is now off and riding in the footsteps of her legendary family. Her great-great-grandfather made history as a peddler who would later move on to start one of today’s leading retailers in all of the UK, Marks and Spencer. Joey is proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The StyleLiner, the world’s first treasure chest on wheels, is a mobile style gallery offering limited pieces of extraordinary pieces hand-picked by The StyleLiner’s creator Joey Wolffer.

What started as a twenty-foot potato chip truck has been completely revamped to feel as though you have just stepped into a chic boutique. However, what you will find is not your typical shop – instead you will find a stylish yet inviting retreat in which you will surely want to take everything you find home with you. The accessories aboard the StyleLiner are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that Joey has traveled the world for. They are the type of accessories that will have people stopping you on the street asking where you got it.

In addition to small and large scale events and specializing in private home visits, The StyleLiner, which also includes some of Joey’s own designs, is becoming a main stay in New York City and the Hamptons during the summer and Palm Beach, Florida during the winter.

A peek into the Styleliner from The Styleliner on Vimeo.